Tokyo L.A Gallery Auction Ctr is the first auction house founded by Japanese and American collectors on the west coast of USA. Since the establishment of the company, our auction house has been dedicated in establishing absolutely fair and transparent auction business. Beyond that, Tokyo L.A. Gallery Auction Ctr has an vital role in the Western coast’s auction industry. 



The auction was founded by the member of Japanese East Asian Arts and Antique exchange Association together with Los Angeles Asian arts collectors. The headquarter of the Japanese East Asia Arts and Antique exchange Association was relocated into Los Angeles in 2012. The association has been operated and gaining profits from internal exchange and auctions among the members of the association in the same year of 2012. In February 2015, the association changed its name into Tokyo L.A. Gallery Auction Ctr. Upon all members’ approval in order to conduct and provide absolutely open and transparent arts and antique auction business.